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Global Ecology and Modeling

Welcome to the GEM lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell! We investigate ecological dynamics in terrestrial ecosystems under rapid global environmental change. We use various quantitative and computational tools such as terrestrial biosphere modeling and environmental remote sensing.

"Horizontes Ecological Station in Northwest Costa Rica during the transition from dry season to wet season"
"Iguana in Costa Rican Dry forests"
"Scanning a spiny tropical palm Pachypodium geayi in Corson Hall, Cornell with BLK360 by Maddie Watson and Donghai Wu"
"Point cloud of Pachypodium_geayi from terrestiral laser scanning, colored with retrieval intensity"
"Scanning sugar maple tree in the Arnot with BLK360 Terrestrial lidar"
"Point clound from TLS compared with photo for a sugar maple"
"Slashwall in the Arnot built from harvest residuals to prevent deer browsing"
"Seedling in Pasoh Forest Reserve, Malaysia. Credit: Yixin Ma"
"Understory light environment in a tropical rainforest, Malaysia. Credit: Yixin Ma"
"View of a tropical rainforest canopy from the meteorological tower, Malaysia. Credit: Yixin Ma"


  • First TLS scan with Artoo, the BLK360 Terrestrial lidar! - June 9 2021
  • New study on tropical forest canopy water dynamics using microwave remote sensing and ED2 model is now published on New Phytologist! See also the nice commentary by Gerlein-Safdi on the same issue - June 01 2021