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Biosphere Modeling and Monitoring

Welcome to the BioM2 lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell! We aim to advance mechanistic and predictive understanding of terrestrial biosphere through multi-scale modeling and model-guided observations and experiments.

"2023 Field trip to El Verde research station in Luquillo Puerto Rico (including Xiangtao Xu, Cameron Coles, and Yixin Ma)"
"Forest canopy in Luquillo featuring palms and Cecropia trees"
"Roof prototype for throughfall exclusion experiment to study forest drought responses in Luquillo"
"A ringt structure to support a forest understory warming experiment in Luquillo"
"Graduate student Yixin Ma practice backpack lidar scanning"
"Graduate student Yixin Ma introduce BLK360 tripod lidar during a forestry workshop at the Anort Forest"
"View of a tropical rainforest canopy from the meteorological tower at Pasoh, Malaysia. Credit: Yixin Ma"


  • Congratulations to Cameron Coles for receiving the prestigious Computational Science Graduate Fellowship of DOE, which will cover him for 4 years!

  • Welcome Prof. Pieter Zuidema from the Wageningen University to spend a month in our lab to collaborate on tree ring data and ecosystem modeling!

  • BioM2 lab partipated in the 1st East Regional Dynamic Global Vegetation Model Conference (ER-DGVM-C). Lab member Xiaoting Li was awarded the best oral presentation on her work of alpine phenology! - March 2023

  • Donghai Wu starts his new position as a staff scientist at South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Science, Guangzhou, China. We will miss you Donghai! - March 2023

  • Graduate student Dan Petticord passed his A-exam! Congrats to PhD Candidate Dan! - March 2023

  • Tao Han joins the lab as a post-doctoral research fellow working on terrestrial lidar from University of Alberta. Welcome Tao! - Feburary 2023 <!–
  • Graduate student Cameron Coles got the best first-year presentation award in EEB December symposium for his work on spongy moth defoliation. He is also awarded the Sustainable Biodiversity Fund from Cornell Atkinson Center to further support his work! - January 2023

  • New study on explaining leaf economic spectrum with optimality theory published on Science Advances! - Janurary 2023 –>